NextDay is doesn't have the instrumental function but represents the positive significance of life. Every day it shares a beautiful photographic work, a profound sentence, or a song resonating this photography work or sentence. But the user can't see graphics of the next day, because the new picture and sentence automatically update at 12 o'clock every night. China's rapid development has brought more and more pressure to people who live in big cities, while touching moments and caring are missed in their life. If this product can give users a better expectation, it would be more meaningful even if it cannot be used as a tool. I am responsible for interaction and design of this product. Because of the special significance, it should have a beautiful interface on the limited screen of the mobile devices. At the same time, the interactive feature cannot affect the vision. This is the main research direction of this application. The application has three versions of the update, including the design of Apple Watch. I was responsible for a number of product designs and interactions, and played an important role in several projects.
Client: NextDay
Branding: Liang Qin
Product: Liang Qin
User Experience: Liang Qin
User Interface: Liang Qin
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